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  • Music From The Farside #125


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    Plasmatics-Monkey Suit
    Richie Blitz-Alcohol
    New York Dolls-Jet Boy
    Dog Party-Why Don’t You Tell Me
    Intoxica-Brandivino Party
    The Dyaks-Gutter Kids
    Nashville Pussy-Wrong Side of the Gun
    The Primitives-Lead Me Astray
    The Nervebreakers-My Girlfriend is A Rock
    Mott The Hoople-Born Late 58
    The New Bomb Turks-Bullish On Bullshit
    Numbskull-Heavy Metal Gods
    Numbskull-Final Days Of Torture
    Salem Witch Hunters-Government Acid
    Pere Ubu-Lost Nation Road
    Rocket from the Tombs-Down in Flames
    OFF-!Now I’m Pissed
    Nekromantix-Backstage Pass to Hell
    Naked Raygun-Mein Iron Madien

  • Music From The Farside #124


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    human switchboard
    AC/DC-The Jack
    Betty Blowtorch-Fish Taco
    The Sensational Alex Harvey Band-Gang Bang
    The Damned-Stab Your Back
    Babes In Toyland-The Girl Can’t Help It
    Authority Zero-A Day To Remember
    Nick Wolff-Union Local 00
    Human Switchboard-Shake It Boys
    Human Switchboard-In This Town
    Bluto’s Revenge-Little Megaton
    Stepsister-Wild Ride
    Cheetah Chrome & The Ghetto Dogs-Still Wanna Die
    New Bomb Turks-Up For a Downside
    The Replacements-Mr. Whirly
    Wendy O. Williams-It’s My Life
    Nobunny-Motorhead With Me
    OFF!-Upside Down
    The Dickies-Paranoid

  • Music From The Farside #123


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    Rusty Trombone-Leeches
    The Ills-Freaks are Jumping
    The Macc Lads-Beer & Sex & Chips n Gravy
    Intoxica-Brandivino Party
    The Rods-She’s Trouble
    The Bomb Pops-Outta Here
    Joan Jett & The Blackhearts-Coney Island Whitefish
    Plague-Local Jerks
    The Lords of the New Church-World Without End
    The Lords of the New Church-Kiss Of Death
    The Pagans-Eyes of Satan
    Pere Ubu-Oh Catherine
    Pathos-Yesterday Mourning
    The Parlor Tricks-C’Mon Everybody
    Piñata Protest-Maquilapolis
    Rocket From The Crypt-Dead Seeds
    Jane Rose and the Deadend Boys-Hot Headed
    Romeo Void-Never Say Never
    The Sirens-Wig Wam Bam
    Speedball Baby-HankyJoe Digger
    Hüsker Dü-Books About UFOs
    Luck of the Draw-Drinking Gasoline

  • Music From The Farside #122


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    The Hot Rails
    The Hot Rails

    Authority Zero-Brick In The Wave
    Supersuckers-I Was Born Without a Spine
    Concrete Blonde-Endless Sleep
    Nobodys Hero-All Kings Fall
    HorrorPops-Bring It On!
    Belfast Muslims-Ring Of Fire
    Honkeyfinger-Margarine Man
    HotChaCha-Pleasure Cruise
    The Hot Rails-Black Horse
    The Hot Rails-Death From Above
    The Cramps-Garbageman
    Hickoids-ToothPick Man
    The Immortal Lee County Killers-Big Damn Roach
    Whale-Hobo Humpin’ Slobo Babe
    The Jesus & Mary Chain-The Hardest Walk
    The Schmits-One Time
    Switchblade Justice-You Gonna Die
    The Tits-We’re so glad Elvis is Dead
    Peter & Test Tube Babies-Elvis Is Dead

  • Music From The Farside #121


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    Jason And The Punknecks-Easy Good Time
    Ism-John Hinckley Jr. (What Has Jodie Foster done to You?)
    Cosmic Psychos-Quarter To Three
    The Fratellis-Chelsea Dagger
    F-Units-Alone In Babylon
    Gibson Bros and Workdogs-Gonorrhea
    The Gun Club-Jack on Fire
    Dick Dastardly-Music Today
    Idiot Humans-Dressed In Green
    Idiot Humans-Toppling Stairs
    Dead Boys-Sonic Reducer
    Lords of the Highway-Devil’s 1/2 Moon
    Cobra Verde-Media Whore
    Hüsker Dü-Statues
    PACK-Come on
    The Clash-Complete Control
    HammerCocks-Rock ‘N’ Roll Bomb
    Wire-I Am The Fly

  • Musis From The Farside #118


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    Jane Aire
    Suicidal Tendencies-Trip At The Brain
    Teenage Bottlerocket-Punk House of Horror
    Terry Malts-Nauseous
    Wazmo Nariz-TeleTeleTelephone
    Tesco Vee’s Hate Police-Losing My Religion
    The Meatmen-Abba God and Me
    The MeThinks-Texas Gigalo
    ZK-Schwarze Stiefel
    HotChaCha-Notes Of Urgency
    Jane Aire & The Belvederes-Yankee Wheels
    Jane Aire & the Belvederes-When I Was Young
    Human Switchboard-In This Town
    The Pagans-Dead End America
    The Pretenders-Tattooed Love Boys
    Betty Blowtorch-Hell On Wheels
    Piñata Protest-Cantina
    The Modern Lovers-Astral Plane

  • Music From The Farside #117


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    The Vacancies
    The Vacancies

    The Revelevens-Punk Rock Show
    La Polla Records-6 Y Ahora Que
    The Stooges-My Idea Of Fun
    Nick Lowe-I Love My Label
    Nashville Pussy-Pussy Time
    The Turkletons-You Had Me At Fuck Off Needledick
    U.S. Bombs-Shot Down
    Devo-Human Rocket
    The Vacancies-Hellbelow
    The Vacancies-Burn
    Rocket from the Tombs-Love Train Express
    Stiv Bators-Swingin’ A Go-Go
    The Styrenes-Eyes Of Satan
    Babes In Toyland-Killer On The Road
    Total Babes-Like They Always Do
    Toxic Reasons-Turn the screw
    Standard and Poor-Standard and Poor
    Total Bloody Chaos-NHS Death Squads
    Sugar-Explode And Make Up
    The Reverend Horton Heat-Big Red Rocket of Love
    The Replacements-Baby Strange

  • Music From The Farside #116


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    rubber city
    Pandora & The Males-Kiddie A Go Go
    Nobunny-Motorhead With Me
    Iggy Pop & David Bowie-No Fun
    G.B.H.-Big Women
    Lock Out! Tag Out!-Records
    Nashville Pussy-Milk cow blues
    Plasmatics-You’re A Zombie
    Jane Aire & the Belvederes-When I Was Young
    The Waitresses -Slide
    Rubber City Rebels-Brain Job
    The Black Keys-10 A.M. Automatic
    The Cramps-Miniskirt Blues
    Devo-Joko Homo
    The Pretenders-The Wait
    The Suicide Machines-It’s The End Of The World As We Know It
    The Supersuckers-Rock ‘n’ Roll Records (Ain’t Sellin’ This Year)
    Zeke-Punk Rock Records
    This Is A Stick Up-Chopping Records for Relaxation
    Walter Daniels with Chili Cold Blood-Police Record
    Tielman Brothers-Record Hop