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Music From The Farside #115


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creepy bunnies
The Distillers-I’m a Revenant
Apa State Mental-Cramps
The Cramps-Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?
Devo-I’m A Potato
Easter Monkeys-Underpants
Easter Monkeys-Monkey See Monkey Do
The Pagans-Little Black Egg
Nobunny-(Do The) Fuck Yourself
Gay For Johnny Depp-Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny And Artistic Integrity
Bunny Grunt-Favorite Food
The Damned-White Rabbit
Cosmic PsychosThank You Mum For The Rabbits
The Jack Rabbit Band-Revenge
Those Legendary Shack Shakers-Easter Flesh
Minutemen-Jesus And Tequila
The Jesus & Mary Chain-Just Like Honey
Paul Westerberg-A Few Minutes Of Silence

One Response to Music From The Farside #115

  1. Thanks for spinning Apa State Mental! We’ll probably record some new stuff in the next couple of months.