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  • Music From The Farside #115


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    creepy bunnies
    The Distillers-I’m a Revenant
    Apa State Mental-Cramps
    The Cramps-Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?
    Devo-I’m A Potato
    Easter Monkeys-Underpants
    Easter Monkeys-Monkey See Monkey Do
    The Pagans-Little Black Egg
    Nobunny-(Do The) Fuck Yourself
    Gay For Johnny Depp-Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny And Artistic Integrity
    Bunny Grunt-Favorite Food
    The Damned-White Rabbit
    Cosmic PsychosThank You Mum For The Rabbits
    The Jack Rabbit Band-Revenge
    Those Legendary Shack Shakers-Easter Flesh
    Minutemen-Jesus And Tequila
    The Jesus & Mary Chain-Just Like Honey
    Paul Westerberg-A Few Minutes Of Silence

  • Music From The Farside #114


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    The Dickies-Paranoid
    Gin Blossoms-Christine Sixteen
    Suburban Studs-My Generation
    Porter Hall Tennessee-People Who Died
    Hüsker Dü-Love is All Around (Mary Tyler Moore Theme)
    The Lurkers-Little Ol’ Wine Drinker Me
    The New Lou Reeds-Every Setback In The World
    Craic-Steppin’ Out
    The Electric Eels-Jaguar Ride
    Cheetah Chrome & The Ghetto Dogs-Still Wanna Die
    The Standing 69s-Gasoline
    Gasoline-Killer Man
    Los Creepers-Pack Your Shit
    Beki Bondage-Move Over
    The Fisticuffs-God Bless Ya Rosie
    The Gobshites-Liquor
    Dropkick Murphys-Cadence to Arms

  • Music From The Farside #113


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    This week we played a few Cleveland covers.
    This week we played a few Cleveland covers.

    Beki Bondage-Son Of A Preacher Man
    Hollywood Brats-Then He Kissed Me
    Joan Jett & The Blackhearts-Androgynous
    The Replacements-Hitchin’ A Ride 
    Sparks-Eaten By The Monster Of Love
    Speedball Baby-Blitzkrieg Bop
    The Lurkers-Little Ol’ Wine Drinker Me
    The Pretenders-1969
    Les Black’s Amazing Pink Holes-The Lion Sleeps Tonight
    Pere Ubu-Drinking Wine Spodyody
    Dead Boys-Sonic Reducer
    Whiskey Daredevils-The Shah Sleeps In Lee Harvey’s Grave
    Devo-Working In A Coal Mine
    The Cramps-Jailhouse Rock
    The Beatnik Termites-Fun,Fun,Fun
    Laughing hyenas-Under My Thumb
    Antiseen-Two Headed Dog
    AntiPasti-I Wanna Be Your Dog
    Big Drag-Heroes
    The Wall-Day Tripper

  • Music From The Farside #112


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    The Bomb Pops-Take Me Away
    Supersuckers-The 19th Most Powerful Woman in Rock
    The Goddamn Gallows-GutterbillyBlues
    Cracker-I’m A Liitle Rocket Ship
    Rocket From The Crypt-Out of Control
    Death Of Samantha-Blood And Shaving Cream
    The Waitresses- Square Pegs
    The Waitresses -Pussy Strut
    Pere Ubu-Breath
    The Mice-Rescue You Too
    Teenage Bottlerocket-Henchmen
    Tattooed Mother Fuckers-In Your Mad World
    Tenholes-Lagu Untuk Negeri
    Afterdarks-Black Cat
    Black Bones-Burning Soul
    Allan Ladds-Manipulera
    Gruppo Sportivo-I Said No
    Wazmo Nariz-TeleTeleTelephone
    The Dickies-Paranoid
    The Sensational Alex Harvey Band-Snake Bite
    The Gun Club-Jack On Fire
    Hickoids-Gudbuy T’ Jane
    The Jam-Going Underground
    The Clash-White Riot

  • Music From The Farside #111


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    All Dinosaurs-Generic Power Shit
    Cobra Skulls-Give You Nothing
    Anal Cunt-Yay! It’s Pink!
    The Dandy Warhol-sGreen
    Animal Train-Melt Down
    Anti You-StockHolm Pet
    Cheetah Chrome & The Ghetto Dogs-Still Wanna Die
    2 Bobs-Ethnic Tune
    Plague-Goon Squad
    Plague-Local Jerks
    Cobra VerdeMedia Whore
    Dan McCoy-American Jesus
    Criminal Authority-What’s The Use
    Crux-Streets At Night
    The Damned-Jet Boy, Jet Girl
    Defiance, Ohio-Cigarettes
    The Jesus & Mary Chain-Sometimes Always
    Honkeyfinger-Margarine Man
    Hoodoo Gurus-Burnt Orange
    Babes In Toyland-Swamp Pussy
    Babes In Toyland-More, More, More
    Switchblade Justice-Vampire Girlfriend

  • Music From The Farside #110


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    Instant Asshole-Motormouth
    G.B.H.-Big Women
    The Damned-Sick Of This And That
    Dead Kennedys-Dear Abby
    The Flaming Stars-More Than Enough
    Seawolf-Dirty Wine
    Ak47-Monster Movie
    Dead Boys-I Won’t Look Back
    Dead Boys-Flame Thrower Love
    Rubber City- RebelsDead Boy
    Devo-Auto Modown
    California Speedbag-Shitlist
    Flatfoot 56-Knuckles up
    The New Bomb Turks-Tattooed Apathetic Boys
    Caterwaul of Sound-Part of the Problem
    Joan Jett & The Blackhearts-Up From The Skies
    The Misfits-Astro Zombies
    The Dickies-Jim Bowie
    David Bowie-Up The Hill Backwards
    The Replacements-Dose Of Thunder
    The Dictators-Master Race Rock
    U.S. Bombs-New Approach
    Nekromantix-Voodoo Shop Hop
    The Nerves-Hanging On The Telephone

  • Music from The Farside #108


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    Tin Huey

    All Dinosaurs-Castle of Uncle Robert
    X-Poor Girl
    Animal Train-Drunk Punk & Pissed Off
    Jim Carrol-People Who Died
    Cowboy Killers-Ku Klux Klan Wives On Holiday
    Iggy & the Stooges-The StoogesShake Appeal
    Jane Aire & the Belvederes-When I Was Young
    Tin Huey-Living With Strangers
    Tin Huey-Missing Persons
    Clocks-Family Feud
    The Wild Giraffes-Good Times
    Lords Of The Highway-Beer Drinkin’ Truck Drivin’ Mama
    The New Bomb Turks-Cryin’ In The Beer Of A Drunk Man
    B Sides -Beer
    Brine & Bastards-Beer And Loathing
    The Villains-Mind
    Angry Samoans-My Baby’s Gone Gone Gone
    Red Aunts-Poison Steak
    Zeke-Jack Torrance
    The Invasion-The Invasion Is Coming
    Scrotum Poles-Helicopter Honnymoon
    X Ray Spex-Warrior In Woolworths

  • Music From The Farside #107


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    Nashville Pussy-Milk Cow Blues
    Anti You-Johnny Baghdad
    Apa State Mental-Mockers Mantra
    John Wilkes Booth-Hey Girl
    The Lazy Cowgirls-Time & Money
    The Byron Gill Trio-One Dollar One Vote
    Dream Warriors-Wash Your Face in My Sink
    The Pretenders-The Wait
    Devo-Space Girl Blues
    Devo-The Rope Song
    Whiskey Daredevils-200 Miles To Wheeling
    The New Salem Witch Hunters-Goodbuy/It’s Time /To Die
    Hellmouth-Valley Of Armageddon
    X-Ray Spex-The Day The World Turned Dayglo
    Gasoline-Killer Man
    Matty B And The Dirty Pickles-Evil Hymns
    The Jim Jones Revue-Bag O’ Demons
    JJ Nobody And The Regulars-Son Of A Bitch
    Swingin’ Utters-Annual Pimple
    Paladins-Double Datin’
    El Vez-Maria’s the Name
    The Langer’s Ball-A Christmas Lullaby

  • Music From The Farside #106


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    Oblivians-Pill Popper
    The Macc Lads-Blackpool
    CroMags-Survival Of The Streets
    The Cute Lepers-She Liked Helter Skelter
    Janitor-American Justice
    Biters-Born To Cry
    Konsumo Respeto-N Puedo Mas
    The Krewmen-Guy Fawkes
    The Rolling Stones-Stupid Girl
    The Dickies-It’s huge
    The Mapes-Feed us
    The Gories-Ghost Rider
    Pathos-Election Day
    Beguiled-SheDevil Rock
    Death of Samantha-New Soldier New Sailor
    Flotsam & Jetsam-Monster
    Lamps-Niels Bohr
    Hickoids-Pennsylvania Mexican
    Samhain-Mother Of Mercy