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  • Music From The Farside #105


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    Dead Boys

    RancidThe -Wars End
    Faith No More-Be Aggressive
    The Doughboys-Nobody’s Girl
    The Motors-Freeze
    The Saints-Know Your Product
    GBH-City Baby Attacked By Rats
    Rachel Sweet-Truckstop Queen
    Dead Boys-All This and More
    Dead Boys-Flame Thrower Love
    Devo-Dogs Of Democracy
    Pale Creation-Wake Of Temptation
    The Dickies-My Pop The Cop
    Apa State Mental-Easy Rider
    Lightning Beat-Man & The Never Heard of EMS-Wrestling With Satan Betty Blowtorch-Dresses
    The Positive Downside-Bang On The Drum
    Cheap Trick-Brontosaurus
    Caroline And The Treats-I Wanna Dance With You
    The Chords-Now It’s Gone

  • Music From The Farside #104


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    Joan Armatrading-Rosie
    Toxic Reasons-never give in
    Hüsker Dü-Flip Your Wig
    Scarlet Canary-Farewells
    River City Rebels-Her New Man
    Eggstone-Can’t Come Close Enough
    Bauhaus-St. Vitus Dance
    Famous Monsters-Destroy Puny Earthlings!
    The Dickies-Paranoid
    Motörhead-Whorehouse Blues
    Batusis-What You Lack In Brains
    Les Black’s Amazing Pink Holes-Ring Of Fire
    Les Black’s Amazing Pink Holes-My Mother
    The New Bomb Turks-Lyin’ On Our Backs
    The Vibes-Scratch My Back
    Stiff Little Fingers-White Noise
    Dead Milkmen-Ask Me To Dance
    Biters-Born To Cry
    F Units-Alone In Babylon

  • Music From The Farside #103


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    Walter Daniels with Chili Cold Blood-Solid Trash
    Psycho Charger-Life of Sin
    The Buzzcocks-Walking Distance
    The Donnas-All Messed Up
    Adrenalin O.D.-Suburbia
    Bauhaus-Ziggy Stardust
    The Pocket FishRMen-Hang On To Yourself
    Big Drag-Heroes
    David Bowie-Growin’ Up
    The Pretenders-Stop Your Sobbing
    The Styrenes-Jaguar Ride
    The Styrenes-Cheap and Vulgar
    Dick Dastardly-Music Today
    Los Fiascos-Friday Night Friends
    The Barracudas-I Can’t Pretend
    The Mighty Stef-A Pretend Sailors Goodbye
    The Chesterfield Kings-99th Floor
    The Motors-Freeze
    Motörhead-No Class
    The Replacements-Left Of The Dial
    Joan Jett & The Blackhearts-(I’m Gonna) Run Away

  • Music From The Farside #102

    Human Switchboard

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    U.S. Bombs-Go Back Home
    Social Distortion-99 to Life
    Public Enemy-Union Jack
    Naked Raygun-Out of Your Mind
    Lonesome Kings-Brand New Gun
    The Dead Milkmen-Right Wing Pigeons
    Supersuckers-On the Couch
    Suicidal Tendencies-Pledge Your Allegiance
    Off With Their Heads-The Eyes of Death
    Cypher-Never Pet A Burning Dog
    Human Switchboard-No! Human
    Switchboard-Fly in
    Whiskey Daredevils-The Shah Sleeps In Lee Harvey’s Grave
    The Cramps-Saddle Up A Buzz Buzz
    Switchblade Justice-You Gonna Die
    Switchblade Riot-The Way I Am
    Luck of the Draw-Drinking Gasoline
    The Rugburns-Me And Eddie Vedder
    The Replacements-Ought To Get Love
    Butt Trumpet-Funeral Crashing Tonight
    Dead City Dealers-Call to Arms

  • Music From The Farside #101


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    Upright-We Are 138
    The Revillos-Motorbike Beat
    Women In Prison-The Birth Of Rots
    Ukulele Clan Band-Everybody
    The Damned-I Feel Alright
    The Distillers-The Young Crazed Peeling
    Death of Samantha-New Soldier New Sailor
    Devo-Don’t Shoot (I’m A Man)
    The Pretenders-The Wait
    Lords Of The Highway-Rock ‘ N ‘ Roll Bitch
    Nick Wolff-Union Local 00
    Propagandhi-Without Love
    Street Dogs-Punk Rock And Roll
    Rocket From The Crypt-This bad Check is gonna stick
    Sloppy Seconds-So Fucked Up
    The Bruisers-Anchors Up
    Vanilla Muffins-Mexican Radio

  • Music From The Farside #100


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    The Kinks-Around The Dial
    The Waitresses -Slide
    Devo-Joko Homo
    Reason Seven-This Song Sucks
    Switchblade Justice-Your Wife
    The Meatmen-Abba God and Me
    Plague-Goon Squad
    Hüsker Dü-Flexible Flyer
    The New Bomb Turks-I Got Your Bitter End
    Les Black’s Amazing Pink Holes-Crazy Slut
    Suzi Quatro-Glycerine Queen
    Joan Jett & The Blackhearts-Star, Star
    Pride Of Ohio-Local 00
    Dead Boys-Flame Thrower Love
    Rocket from the Tombs-Sonic Reducer
    Pere Ubu-Nonalignment Pact
    Dragbeat-Tattooed Love Boys (Pretenders Cover)
    The Wages Of Sin-White Riot
    Boris Badenough-Hey Rocky

  • Music From The Farside #98


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    The Pagans

    Vanilla Muffins-Blue Red Forever
    Supersuckers-Killer Weed
    Thee Pirates-Bank Robber
    Blackout Shoppers-Well Earned Riot
    The Bruisers-Still Standing Up
    Full of Hell-Rat King
    Only Crime-Everything For You
    Against The Grain-The Same In The End
    Johnny & The SelfAbusers-Saints & Sinners
    Rocket from the Tombs-Sister Love Train
    The Pagans-Eyes of Satan
    The Pagans-Give Til It Hurts
    The New Bomb Turks-Up For a Downside
    Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers-Barbed Wire World
    Glambilly-White BBQ Sauce
    The A-Bones-Button Nose
    Pathos-Election Day
    The Fayette County Hookers-Satan’s Highway
    Animal Train-Welcome To The Commonwealth
    Hickoids-The Best Liquor Store
    The Replacements-Take Me Down To The Hospital
    Wendy O. Williams-It’s My Life

  • Music From The Farside #97


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    This weeks P.O.C. spotlight

    Cage the Elephant-Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked
    Rancid-The 11th Hour
    The Bears-None Of
    The Above HorrorPops-It’s Been So Long
    Bull Lee-Fairfax Ave
    Laughing hyenas-Under My Thumb
    Choking Susan-I Wanna Be Your Fake Girlfriend
    Minutemen-My Heart And The Real World
    Dogmatics-Drinking By The Pool
    The Wildebeests-Mongoloid
    Starvation Army-Lost This Planet
    Women In Prison-Dyke Out!
    Women In Prison-Fat Girl Belly Shirt
    Women In Prison-She’s My Bukaki
    Easter Monkeys-14th Floor
    Hoodoo Gurus-Another World
    Bob Mould-It’s Too Late

  • Music From The Farside #96


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    P.O.C. spotlight: The Golden Palominos

    The Runabouts When I Get The Blues (The Strangeness In Me)
    Dinosaur Repulsion
    The Tartan Hearts Petty Crimes and Five Buck Wine
    Eggstone Sun King
    The Krewmen Night Shift Blues
    Bouncin B.C. Afraid Of Clowns
    Camper Van Beethoven (I Was Born In A) Laundromat
    The Cult Fire Woman
    The Dandy Warhols Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth
    Cobra Verde Wish I Was Here
    The Golden Palominos Omaha
    The Golden Palominos Diamond
    Les Black’s Amazing Pink Holes Crazy Slut
    Criminal Authority So Terminal
    Paul Westerberg Hillbilly Junk
    Gruppo Sportivo Bernadette
    The Kinks Big Black Smoke
    The Detroit Cobras On a Monday